Frequently Asked Questions

Does the government accept this way of administration?

We have had many conversations with the NVWA and if you fill in the data correctly and honestly, keep it up-to-date and upload the necessary papers, they should accept it. It's not about how you do the administration, just that you do it (properly).

The advantage of Froglog is that your regulations are always up-to-date. If there are changes in the regulations, we will adjust Froglog accordingly.

Can I also download the administration?

YES, with an account you can download the administration in PDF form.

Will there be a demo environment?

NO, but you do get a 14-day trial, better than the demo environment we think.

What happens to my data if I stop using Froglog?

Your customer data will of course be removed from our database if you decide to stop using Froglog. The data of the animals remain in the database, your data and that of the animals are stored separately. We cannot delete the data of animals because otherwise a link may fall away from other registered animals.

Why can't i adjust the birth / metamorphosis date?

The date of birth / metamorphosis can no longer be adjusted to prevent "cheating". An animal is born on a certain date or is metamorphised on a certain date and that does not change anymore.

If you have made a mistake in the date, email us the administration number of the animal and the correct date. Then we will manually adjust it for you.

The scientific name of my animal is not listed?

Although we have more than 20,000 scientific names in our database, one can of course always be missing.

Do you miss the scientific name of your animal? If so, pass on the name to and we will add it to the database.

We only add names of amphibians, reptiles, arthropods and tropical snails.

What do I do with transfers from the past?

When you start with Froglog, you start with the day you created an account. If you transfer animals via Froglog, the date of transfer automatically becomes the date of that day. So you cannot transfer animals in the past.

We therefore advise you to keep your existing administration (this is mandatory for 5 years) and to continue where you were in Froglog. So only enter the animals that you currently own, starting with the parent animals and then the offspring.

Who can view my administration?

Only you can access your administration via a login, no one else has access to your administration and everything is stored securely.

Is the administration via Froglog according to the regulations?

YES, we work together with Dendrobatidea Nederland, among others. They advise us and check whether everything is going according to the regulations. They also notify us if something changes in regulations, after which we adjust Froglog so that it is again according to the rules (Dutch regulations).

For which animal species is Froglog actually suitable?

The idea of Froglog originated from the poison frog hobby, hence the name "Froglog". But as we receive more attention through all kinds of channels, the question quickly arose whether it could also be used for reptiles. After that we continued and now Froglog can be used for all animals that are kept in a terrace:

  • Amphibians (including (poison) frogs and salamanders)
  • Reptiles (including snakes and lizards)
  • Arthropods (including spiders, millipedes and stick insects)
  • Snails

If you are unsure whether your animal can also be administered in Froglog? Send an email to

Can deceased animals still be transferred?

YES, this happens regularly with larger reptiles such as turtles and snakes. These animals are then often mounted on preserved in strong water. In order to prove the legality of the animal, the animal must be transferred.

I made a mistake with my contacts, can I still change this?

We are working on making this manageable, unfortunately this is not yet the case. If you have made a mistake when entering a contact, please report this to us via and we will adjust it for you.

What can I expect from Froglog in the future?

We have received many ideas and suggestions from users, and of course we already had a list ourselves. Want to know what's coming in the near future? Then click here

How Froglog works

What do the symbols mean? (icons)

Within Froglog we also use symbols or icons. Below you see symbols with next to it the function or page you go to when you click on it.

View the animals you currently own

View your accommodations

Copy this animal

Edit this animal

View administration form. You can also print or save this

View the transfer statement. You can also print or save this

Add parents of the animal

We have developed a process that guides you through the process by means of questions and statements. By answering these questions you will see the correct forms to fill in. Also to enter the data and owners of the parent animals!

NOTE: For your own captive bred, we recommend adding your parent stock first, they can then easily be linked when entering your captive bred animals.

How to transfer a animal?

When transferring digitally, it is necessary to enter your name and address on your profile page. This information is required on the transfer certificate. If you have not yet done so and you are going to transfer, you will be forwarded to your profile page to fill it in.

In the overview of your animals you put a tick in front of the animal or animals that you want to transfer. Then click on "Actions" at the top and choose "Transfer animals".

Then there are 2 options during the transfer:

The person who takes over the animal also has a Froglog account, you can enter the email address of this person. It is checked whether this person has entered his / her name and address details, if not, this can be done on the spot. Then click on "Transfer animals"
The person does not have an account (yet). Then the name and address details of this person can be entered and an account can be created immediately. If he / she does not create an account, this person will receive an email with the transfer statement. If he / she does want an account, he / she will receive an email to create a password. Then he / she can log in and the animals taken over will be in the account.

The animals will be placed under the "Transferred animals" button. You can then view the transfer statement and the administration up to the moment of takeover. The recipient will continue with your administration if he / she has an account. You no longer see these adjustments.

YES, with an account you can download the administration in PDF form.

NO, but you do get a 30-day trial, better than the demo environment we think.

How can I view my animal's records, download and print them?

On the overview page "View all registrations" you will see 2 icons at the back right, one is a file icon, if you click on this, Froglog generates a PDF which will be displayed in a new pane. You can read, save or print these.

To download or print this document works differently per browser, below we discuss the 3 most used browsers.

Windows Edge:
The form will be loaded in a dark frame, at the top you will find various buttons including 3 dots next to each other, if you click on this a menu will open, at the bottom you will find "Print" and "Save"

The form is loaded in a dark frame, at the top you will find various buttons an icon of a printer and an icon with an arrow with a line underneath. The printer icon is to print the icon with the arrow to save

The form is loaded in a dark frame without buttons. If you move your cursor over the form and then go down, 4 icons will appear, 2 to zoom in and out. One with a jar of ink to print and a circle with an arrow in it to save

Copy animals

To work even faster, you can copy animals with the same parents. Of course you have to add the first one yourself, when you have done that you will see a copy icon behind the administration number. If you click on this, you will get a new window where you can enter a birth/metamorphosis date, gender, CITES number and microtransponder number. If you do not enter anything here, all this data will be taken from the original animal. By clicking on "+ Add" you can add as many animals as needed. When you are ready click on "Add and close" the animals are saved and added to the parent animals on the administration.

You can also use this with offspring that you add much later, as long as you adjust the birth/metamorphosis date well.

Now you no longer have to select the parent stock and origin every time and you can update your administration even faster.

YES, we work together with Dendrobatidea Nederland, among others. They advise us and check whether everything is going according to the regulations. They also notify us if something changes in regulations, after which we adjust Froglog so that it is again according to the rules (Dutch regulations).

Tips & Tricks

How do I get off to a good start?
  1. Make sure you have all the necessary and available information at hand.
  2. Always start by adding your parent dogs.
  3. Then add your offspring, you can then immediately link them to the parents
2 ways to add an animal

You can add an animal in 2 places, using the button at the top "Add animal" and via the screen "View all animals" in the left menu and then the + button next to the search field.

You can also add photos later

You can also add or adjust photos of the animals and enclosures later. We understand that you do not have a photo at your disposal of every animal at the same time.

If you log in with your mobile or tablet, you can even take and upload a photo with your device via editing an animal or accommodation.

What if I do not have information about the origin of the parent animals?

Since 2019, it has been mandatory to state the parent animals in the records and on the transfer statement. Which animals they are and who is / was the known owner at that time.

It often happens that this did not happen after 2019 because people did not know about these regulations or did not know where the parent animals were or which they were.

You can solve this in several ways within Frolog:

When asked "Did you take the animal from someone else?" for "Yes, but this was for 2019 and I have no further data"
Do you know from whom you took over the animal, then choose "Yes" and then "No, the animal was taken over for 2019 and no information about the parent animals is known"

Because you link your own offspring to your parent stock, your offspring will then be known the parent stock and owner. As a result, your administration is completely correct from that moment on.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us using the form on this page. We will respond to your email as soon as possible.

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