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Froglog basic

€ 2 p/m

Based on annual invoice

  • Digital administration and registration of animals
  • Transfer animals digitally
  • Registrations can be downloaded as PDF
  • Download transfers as PDF
  • Help conserve wildlife animals
Froglog complete

€ 5 p/m

Based on annual invoice

  • Digital administration and registration of animals
  • Transfer animals digitally
  • Registrations can be downloaded as PDF
  • Download transfers as PDF
  • Add multiple photos per animal
  • Search & find *
  • QR codes for stays **
  • Help conserve wildlife animals

* Search for new animals and / or offer your animals via Froglog. Offering is initially done by place name, as soon as you as a provider have a good feeling about it, you can exchange your address details with the searching party.
** Receive QR codes that you can link to a stay via Froglog. Link animals to the enclosures, hang the QR code with the relevant enclosure. When scanning a QR you can immediately edit these animals, add, transfer or delete animals.

Start immediately with a responsible animal administration

And help the amphibians and reptiles in the wild to a better living environment

Good records are required by law if you keep exotic animal species such as amphibians and reptiles. Every hobbyist, even if you only have 1 animal, must be able to show the correct papers for each animal present. This consists of at least an administration form on which the origin and characteristics of the animal is described and also in which accommodation it is located. Also the number of progeny with birth dates, date of death, etc. In addition, often a transfer form, where does the animal come from, etc.

Digital administration
This is now possible in this language, which makes it a lot easier to keep records. After all, you can log in to any of your devices and update the administration. Add new animals, add photos, update administration forms (at birth offspring for example). But the transfer can also be done completely digitally, and if both parties have an account, the transfer form and the administration form are automatically added to the receiving party. The transfer form is also added to the supplier and the administration form is retained, but can no longer be modified. This way the new owner can continue with the administration where the previous owner left off and all papers are always complete.

Captive bred animals
Do you have a lot of offspring from the same couple or group? You can also add these quickly, you have to fill in the first, then you can copy the form and you only have to adjust the date of birth and possibly the stay. The form numbers of the offspring are also automatically added to the records of the parents.

Sales at fairs
Do you ever go to a fair with your animals? Then you can generate a QR code for every animal that you offer there. The visiting public can scan it and read a caresheet about the animal. If there is interest in the animal, you as the selling party can, if you are logged in, scan the same QR code and start a transfer (read more below). Of course your data and that of the animal will be entered automatically.

Transfer digitally
If you have one or more animals to transfer or if you take over one or more animals, this is very easy via Froglog. Anyone can use transfers, regardless of whether you have an account or not. The transferring party initiates a transfer, if there is an account, the relevant animals can be selected. By clicking on "transfer", the data of the animals together with the data of the owner are put in the form. The acquiring party then scans a QR code on the screen of the transferring party and can either log in or manually enter the data for no account and agree after checking all data. After that, the transferring party can agree. If you have an account, the transfer form will be placed in your administration, otherwise it will be emailed to you as a PDF. The transferring party will continue to be able to see the administration form, but will no longer be able to edit it. The acquiring party receives this in their administration and can continue with the administration.

Offering and searching for amphibians and reptiles
This feature will be added later, it allows you to list and search your animals anonymously.

Amphibians and Reptiles in the Wild
The habitats of many amphibians and reptiles are under pressure and the illegal trade in these animal species is also not helping to preserve many species in the wild. Then there are fungi and infections that kill entire groups of amphibians and reptiles.

Fortunately, there are many initiatives to overcome these problems or at least to try to save the animals. Froglog donates a portion of the proceeds to these causes, so you also help to preserve these beautiful wildlife.

In the future we will also devote a page to the projects we help.

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